tracker 0.6.93

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.6.93
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
  md5sum: b6513ae5b3a036356c0c3b186056ee82
 sha1sum: a447246751345fb0c832aad9e33d0b40923ad62e
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: 768059a486ff73ae18595afab3b78a70
 sha1sum: e9dcbe0004a7349c6abafdeb5f5d1951205d1b09
    size: 1.4M


NEW in 0.6.93:
  * Fixes tracker-preferences so it mangages removable-devices option.
  * Fixes tracker config typo.
  * Fixes tracker-indexer to not enter finished state after flushing.
  * Fixes tracker-extract not sending queued album art to thumbnailerd
  * Fixes trackerd to call nice(19) for crawling ONLY else nice(default).
  * Fixes libtracker-common preprocessor checks for thumbnailer/albumart.
  * Fixes tracker-extract multiple TrackerHal instances, 2x faster now.
  * Fixes tracker-extract tests by loading modules not directly linking.
  * Fixes tracker-applet by adding proper marshal generation for signals.
  * Fixes SIGSEGV for tracker-extract from exceeding setrlimit() mem.
  * Fixes Raptor dependency to 1.4.17, need _FEATURE_WRITE_BASE_URI.
  * Fixes indexer flush time to be optimized for Maemo platform, patch 09.
  * Fixes gstreamer extractor memory leaks, a lot of leaks.
  * Fixes gstreamer extractor memory corruption.
  * Fixes gstreamer extractor by stopping extraction on DURATION messages
  * Fixes album art memory management and access() to NULL paths.
  * Fixes adding BUILT_SOURCES to EXTRA_DIST for many Makefile.ams
  * Fixes not using plural translations in tracker-info.
  * Fixes several memory leaks/corruptions in gstreamer/mp3/png extractors.
  * Fixed memory leak in indexer's removable-device module.
  * Fixed memory leak in indexer's push module, close the dir.
  * Fixed TrackerDBIndex _update_word() memmove outside boundries.
  * Added error handling for "Can't store word" to applet.
  * Added new API tracker_metadata_get_multiple().
  * Added pre-umount check there's an item before checking mount files.
  * Updated tracker-info to use _metadata_{get|_multiple}() APIs.
  * Updated extractors to use tracker_file_{open|close} with posix_fadvise
  * Removed all references to file-index-update.db, no longer used.
  * Improved performance by sending items to thumbailer AFTER indexing 
  * Improves performance/mem of GFile->GQueue in tracker-monitor.c

  * Fixes GB#577656, tracker doesn't build on non-linux platforms
  * Fixes GB#577655, tracker-indexer.c fails to compile when...
  * Fixes LP#355982, crash in tracker-turtle.c with fclose() 
  * Fixes NB#107570, tracker-extract crash just after device bootup
  * Fixes NB#106639, Music-Unknown Category  displayed in Genre view
  * Fixes NB#109172, Video Library: RM , RMJ files listed in Video Library.
  * Fixes NB#107122, Video:Duration is shown as -:- in video library view
  * Fixes NB#108793, Not able to filer images with XMP date
  * Fixes NB#108819, tracker-indexer is crashing.
  * Fixes NB#108331, Memory Leak found for tracker-extract command
  * Fixes NB#106085, Tracked database is not updated when images were...
  * Fixes NB#100642, tracker is still listing the removed tags.

- Updated es: Jorge González, Jorge Gonzalez
- Updated it: Milo Casagrande
- Updated nl: Reinout van Schouwen

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