gnote 0.1.1

       Module: gnote
      Version: 0.1.1
  Uploaded by: Hubert Figuiere
  md5sum: c4d4217b32fc676bbd559472e3585018
 sha1sum: 8009f45732d0036083c60f5b671fb95681ec0791
    size: 604K
  md5sum: 2a2578cc69df41bdb07c3d754c5593e6
 sha1sum: 1624322ae3d07e0b6db3c09e4309927dedc3fe5b
    size: 468K



  * Fix some includes that were missing.
  * Remove any traces of the use of BOOST_FOR_EACH as it is not
    in boost 1.34.

0.1.0 - 2009/04/06

  * Initial release.

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