gnome-video-arcade 0.6.6

       Module: gnome-video-arcade
      Version: 0.6.6
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes
  md5sum: 2e36acde20401f8f0596fdc876505318
 sha1sum: de30b092a5665eb02f8e8c5ccf0b9db6f58b656d
    size: 984K
  md5sum: 81d3b61974be63f076b4c0cda91107ce
 sha1sum: ab74898a83aa34d768d68f760a5350c3b8c9bef7
    size: 812K


GNOME Video Arcade 0.6.6

        Released March 15, 2009

        What's New
        * Project moved to
        * GNOME Video Arcade can now be configured to parse a nplayers.ini
          file at startup. See the README files for details. This unlocks a
          more descriptive tooltip for the Players column, as well as new
          Players (Alt.) and Players (Sim.) columns, which show the maximum
          number of alternating and simultaneous players (respectively) a
          game supports.
        * If GNOME Video Arcade is built against GTK+ 2.14 or later it will
          no longer link to libgnome, which is a deprecated GNOME platform
          library.  Note the mimimum required GTK+ version is still 2.12.

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