Module: network-manager-applet
  Uploaded by: Dan Williams
  md5sum: 6764a65ec8eb66bdeac8f6cc099002a7
 sha1sum: 75678b7e6bbe26950947ed14bed4d5e48a9f9f78
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: 4a332aecf58eefcee33abd39b5038e9e
 sha1sum: 1fb37f6364a04e3ae473c561fc8209fb90f45325
    size: 816K


2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* Tag 0.7.1-rc4 (

2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/helpers.c
		- Small helper to fill UI widgets from connection secrets

	* src/connection-editor/
		- Handle system connection secrets too

2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/nm-connection-editor.c
		- (connection_editor_validate, system_checkbutton_toggled_cb,
		   recheck_initialization): don't validate before the editor is
			all initialized; fixes issues with connection values getting
			cleared becuase validation updates the connection's settings
			too, and the UI might not be completely filled in yet until
			all pages are initialized

2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/ce-page.c
		- (get_secrets_cb): don't mix up the PolicyKit error and the error
			that could be returned from pk_helper_obtain_auth()

2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/polkit-helpers.c
		- (pk_helper_obtain_auth): handle NULL PolicyKit error

2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/page-wired-security.c
		- (ce_page_wired_security_new): don't connect to the "use 802.1x"
			checkbox's 'toggled' signal here, do it after setting the
			checkbox's initial value in finish_setup().  Fixes issue
			where validation would be triggered prematurely, before the
			editor was initialized
		- (finish_setup): enable_toggled() already calls ce_page_changed()

2009-04-04  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/nm-connection-list.c
		- Send the clicked signal to the button instead of calling do_edit()
			explicitly so that the PolKitAction's code gets run; ensures
			the same codepath gets taken for double-click as for clicking
			the edit button

2009-04-03  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* Ensure PolicyKit autorization before editing system connections, and
		request secrets from the system settings service for system connections.
		This requires splitting each CEPage subclass's *_new() method into
		two parts, the first doing minimal setup, and the second filling in
		the UI with details from the backing NMConnection.  Between the first
		and second parts, if required, secrets are requested from the system
		settings service using PolicyKit.  As a bonus, actually handle errors
		instead of dropping them on the floor.

2009-03-31  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* src/connection-editor/nm-connection-list.c
		- (add_connection_buttons, delete_selection_changed_cb): disable the
			delete button when the connection is read-only

2009-03-31  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

		- Check D-Bus version; use different applet dbus conf files for
			D-Bus >= 1.2.6 which uses deny-by-default processing.  New
			conf file fixes issues with 'root' also being at_console,
			where at_console permissions would deny root access to 
			applet secrets

	* nm-applet.conf
		- Remove; now generated

	* nm-applet-pre-dbus-126.conf
		- D-Bus config for dbus < 1.2.6

	* nm-applet-dbus-126.conf
		- D-Bus config for dbus >= 1.2.6 (from Tambet)

2009-03-26  Dan Williams  <dcbw redhat com>

	* nm-applet.conf
		- Explicitly allow 'root' to talk to the secrets interface.  Fixes a bug exposed
			in SUSE ConsoleKit packages that always treated 'root' as at_console when
			logged in once; when using explicit denials (which we're using here to
			ensure we don't expose distros shipping older D-Bus packages) and when
			permissions may overlap, as in the case of root being at_console, there
			needs to be an explicit allow in the right section too.  Thus when root is
			'at_console', root will still have access to secrets due to the explicit
			allow in the user=root section.

2009-03-20  Alexander Sack <asac ubuntu com>

	* src/applet.c
		- (constructor): check whether the notification server supports
		- (applet_do_notify): don't set a notification if the notification
			server doesn't support them

2009-03-10  Claude Paroz  <claude 2xlibre net>

	* src/connection-editor/
	    - Remove translatable property on stock labels
	* src/connection-editor/page-ppp.c
	    - Add translator comment for 'none' string

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