gthumb 2.10.10

       Module: gthumb
      Version: 2.10.10
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
  md5sum: ae12b0332346e42ea15257765fd1269a
 sha1sum: d45e63f3ec850d52e180ee725b6646fb24454b48
    size: 3.3M
  md5sum: b3344b31f82830fdcf86865f4ecb7a95
 sha1sum: 226f8f413fbe31081f19efad85aee114281de6ec
    size: 2.4M


version 2.10.10

	New features and user visible changes:

	* Added ability to hide video and audio files, using the gconf key

	Bugs fixed:

	* #552453: gthumb 2.10.9 contains COPYING for GPL v3
	* #546383: gthumb 2.10.9 fails to link Patch by Götz Waschk.
	* Do not exclude xcf images from the file list.

	New or updated application translations:

	* Romanian (Mihai Varzaru)
	* Thai (Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai)
	* Turkish (M. Emin AkÅ?ehirli)

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