gvfs 0.99.7

       Module: gvfs
      Version: 0.99.7
  Uploaded by: Hans Petter

  md5sum: 708585f4203745d9b949bbcd2aa1ea06
 sha1sum: 7c671597aabbe2231a7b968ea4000a6041311013
    size: 1.4M

  md5sum: 021d40333cd9d40379cffe6b815ee880
 sha1sum: 9e166d7c29499517904b91572d411960cb00b284
    size: 884K


Major changes in 0.99.7

* Go back to using powers of 10 instead of powers of 2 for display sizes.
  This means we will agree with printed sizes for most devices (e.g. memory
  sticks will now correctly report "64MB volume" instead of previous
  "61.7MB volume").

* Bug fixes:
  546971 - rhythmbox crashed when ejecting an ipod device
  550858 - Export CD-Text info via xattrs

* Translation updates:
  nb.po (Kjartan Maraas), nl.po (Wouter Volsterlee), pt.po (Duarte Loreto),
  cs.po (Petr Kovar)

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