tomboy 0.12.1

       Module: tomboy
      Version: 0.12.1
  Uploaded by: Sanford Armstrong
  md5sum: e6d518771349d2d25b719d298f33ae7e
 sha1sum: 42fa4a36a6c73405ff165b1a646ee4b0b7ddeef6
    size: 5.1M
  md5sum: 934d1258f855f04eff7d0fe8a976f6ad
 sha1sum: 4b7f5b2153e6d396ad9ddbb8ef7f41b3f383770d
    size: 4.3M


Version 0.12.1
* Bundle gnome-sharp panel applet code (as we did prior to 0.11.3) if building
  against gnome-sharp < 2.23.90.  See bug #555318 for details.

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