gcalctool 5.22.2

       Module: gcalctool
      Version: 5.22.2
  Uploaded by: Robert Ancell

  md5sum: 54987df30dcda387bd96f730f7990247
    size: 2.2M

  md5sum: 8389a1dd158110e6d0a44ccb772322f2
    size: 1.5M


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.22.2

    * Correctly populate the constant and function menus (bug #527545)
    * Fixed multiple thousands separator and radix bugs (bug #527669)
    * Changed parser precedence to perform negation after power operation (bug #526094)
    * Fixed incorrect setting of horizontal scroll in display (bug #524602)
    * Removed some compiler warnings (bugs #527318 and #526976)
    * Got make distcheck to work (bug #526702)
    * Updated Russian translation (Yuriy Penkin)


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