anjuta 2.4.2

       Module: anjuta
      Version: 2.4.2
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: 7cda0fab0e0e946f461737c3eac7a6a3
    size: 8.3M
  md5sum: 66dc5a9aeb051846f82715b1bed55e37
    size: 6.1M


Anjuta 2.4.2 (27 May 2008) -- Naba Kumar

Translation updates: he, pt_BR, es, ca

* Fixed bug #440637: Make searching utf-8 aware
* Fixed bug #528705: There is no Redo (from trunk)
* Fixed bug #528693: Ctrl-F (Find) followed by Ctrl-V (Paste) pastes into main window
* Fixed bug #531623: Crash on updating non-existing watch
* Fixed bug #532243: Execute Program with whitespace in the project path fails
* Fixed bug #531940: Can't change the default project directory
* Fixed bug #533346: Create project in path with spaces fails
* Fixed bug #532625: Wrong consecution of functions calls when opening a glade file
* Fixed bug #533758: django project creation fails
* Fixed bug: crash when changing a watch while debugger is stopped
* Fixed bug #532537: Crash on closing Anjuta Preferences when it open twice.

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