orca 2.22.2

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.22.2
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 27e5d571ee2e42708bed7f2f7f145064
    size: 3.0M

  md5sum: f11ff55cc997055b2c5fd9e5c012ae5d
    size: 1.8M


2.22.2 - 26-May-2008


* Fix for bug #517387 - Orca should not read password out in gdm login
  window.  This just turns off key echo when the login window is up.
  The real fix belongs in gdm (see bug #529145).

* Fix for bug #519901 - Orca doesn't warn via braille that an
  inaccessible object got the focus.

* Fix for bug #522797 - Orca should not speak false "inaccessible"
  messages when switching applications.

* Fix for bug #523731 - Pidgin events interfere with app-specific
  Prefs dialog.

* Fix for bug #525644 - Pidgin buddy status changes cause Orca to
  display "cell" in braille.

* Fix for bug #525831 - isn't properly handling SIGTERM.

* Fix for bug #528507 - Escape doesn't exit "learn mode" if the active
  script changes.

* Fix for bug #528797 - gnome-speech inappropriately uses
  g_return_if_fail.  Only set "punctuation mode" if we can.


* Fix for bug #533499 - Evolution contacts not being spoken when you
  navigate them.


* Fix for bug #517736 - whereAmI does not handle text with embedded
  object characters

* Fix for bug #519416 - Zoomer loses focus when doing a web search.

* Fix for bug #527959 - Incorrect caret movement in Firefox 3 on
  certain Web pages.

* Fix for bug #530766 - (ff3) split headings not fully read when nav
  by structure.

* Fix for bug #533125 - Orca does not speak Search textbox in Firefox
  Download Manager if it is empty.

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    hu      Hungarian            Attila Hammer and Gabor Kelemen


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