pango 1.20.3

       Module: pango
      Version: 1.20.3
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod
  md5sum: cf0659d235cf54668c4e45256a112096
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: a940442d56dc8820f561b90572ad467b
    size: 1.4M


Overview of changes between 1.20.2 and 1.20.3
- Add more Vista fonts to default win32 aliases.
- Minor win32 leak fix.
- Bugs fixed in this release:
	Bug 523193 â?? Vista Hebrew, CJK fonts to builtin win32 pango aliases
		Patch by Daniel Atallah.
	Bug 531242 â?? Leak when calculating win32 font coverage
		Patch from Daniel Atallah

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