gnome-main-menu 0.9.10

       Module: gnome-main-menu
      Version: 0.9.10
  Uploaded by: Scott Reeves
  md5sum: 10cb1864cd21a5bbbe731a03dd6c78ce
    size: 796K
  md5sum: 0998c96746ae95740da17bed5969d935
    size: 588K


Version 0.9.10

  Released: 2008-05-13

  * Features / Fixes
    - Startup performance improvements (Federico Mena Quintero, Magnus Boman)
    - Update to NetworkManager 0.7 (Scott Reeves)
    - Update to match NM 0.7 API changes (Federico Mena Quintero, Tambet Ingo, Scott Reeves)
    - Better network notification and status handling (Magnus Boman)
    - Use banshee-1 in main-menu (Scott Reeves)
    - New document templates (Scott Reeves)
    - Fix crash when 2 main-menu applets (Federico Mena Quintero)
    - Fix missing translations.
    - Makefile work (Rodrigo Moya)
    - Dont display Name and GenericName if they are the same (Federico Mena Quintero, Magnus Boman)

  * Translations
    - Petr Kovar - Updated Czech translation by Adrian Gunis
    - Jorge Gonzalez - Updated Spanish translation
    - Gabor Kelemen - hu.po: Translation updated
    - Kostas Papadimas - Updated  Greek translation by Giannis Katsampiris.
    - Gil Forcada - Updated Catalan translation by Joan Duran.
    - Philip Withnall - Updated British English translation.


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