goffice 0.6.4

       Module: goffice
      Version: 0.6.4
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg

  md5sum: c9e4bdf8f06849aa10c67f3fc287c476
    size: 3.0M

  md5sum: 21a02662eda3812a551bd5bf2d95dbbf
    size: 1.8M


2008-05-11  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* Release 0.6.4

2008-05-09  Jean Brefort  <jean brefort normalesup org>

	* goffice/goffice.c: (libgoffice_init), (libgoffice_shutdown):
	fixed typo.

2008-05-08  Jean Brefort  <jean brefort normalesup org>

	* goffice/data/go-data-simple.c: (go_data_matrix_val_get_value),
	(go_data_matrix_val_get_str): do not crash if called before the
	values are loaded. Patch from Hiroyuki Ikezoe, see bug #532105.

2008-05-04  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* configure.in : post release bump

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