kiwi 1.9.22

       Module: kiwi
      Version: 1.9.22
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: ba43354d11c6421da17197fd08e31870
 sha1sum: adf9283b20cd25e7e800a905cda477cf8d71688a
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: 3e2e13f01efe02e5749b2424e0508180
 sha1sum: b532854058167d6cca8ba8a89f646b114c608ecc
    size: 952K


kiwi-1.9.22 29-may-2008
    - Added support for context menus in objectlist (Ronaldo Maia)
    - Added support for SQLAlchemy (Ali Afshar, #3668)
    - Added the initial support for GtkColorButtton (Johan Dahlin)
    - Added support for buttons orientation in ListContainer
      (George Y. Kussumoto)
    - Several improvements in the documentation and small bug fixes

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