pygobject 2.15.2

       Module: pygobject
      Version: 2.15.2
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: ec90d8215eedf1e62d686301af410947
 sha1sum: f091dd3afdf845db77038519f91750bbddc3db51
    size: 564K
  md5sum: 60bfabf036cbafb3a584b3c7beee05d1
 sha1sum: dccf9fb197ec11889b48fde90646e11a431591fb
    size: 452K


2.15.2 26-jul-2008
        - New module: glib, which contains the parts of the old
          gobject bindings which are in the glib library.
          MainLoop/MainContext/Sources/GOption and a few others has now moved.
        - Add a new installed library libpyglib-2.0, which contains the extension
          API for third-part modules instead of relying on macros which accesses
          struct fields.
        - Add bindings for gio.File.enumerate_children_async,
          gio.FileEnumerator.next_files_async, gio.Mount.mount,
          gio.File.mount_mountable, gio.File.mount_enclosing_volume,
          gio.File.unmount_mountable, gio.File.copy.
        - Add a new api for mapping a GError domain to an exception and register
          an exception for GIOError.
        - Remove leading IO_* prefix for the gio flags and register a quark
          for the domain.
        - Use GSlice in the glib module and bump required version to 2.14.

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