muine 0.8.7

       Module: muine
      Version: 0.8.7
  Uploaded by: Andre Klapper
  md5sum: 19f5aa148a7bd3c18cf1c3244813aa88
 sha1sum: e1667d5a0fd4a79504307fb9261bb8b2a4dda87b
    size: 752K
  md5sum: 8764f60d7f4040ca81e669c53576b988
 sha1sum: 17e8c2432e0bf4ea8aa41c41c3a8f269e1c5d1f4
    size: 596K



- Switch to using the fully managed NDesk dbus-sharp [Peter Johanson, Alp Toker]
- Switch to using Gtk# 2.6 or newer [Peter Johanson]
- Make the tray icon transparent [Wouter Bolsterlee]
- Various bug fixes and cleanup [Iain, Peter Johanson]

New translations:
- Arabic [Djihed Afifi]
- Dzongkha [Pema Geyleg]
- Greek [Athanasios Lefteris, Kostas Papadimas]

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