gnome-panel 2.23.5

       Module: gnome-panel
      Version: 2.23.5
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: 4d5ed9dd06c24bcdda40e6e3afe433ca
 sha1sum: 480152b45ee9196916627d136a3b69f5cdeab7a8
    size: 4.9M
  md5sum: 075172fb7a72e8a35df50e99a5a826af
 sha1sum: 546e8bcef309847f54b3b6f00d0c1f3b3b475071
    size: 3.2M


Version 2.23.5


	* Use new icon name for shutdown (Luca Ferretti)
	* Continue code cleanup (Vincent)
	* Fix crash when editing launcher and setting an empty name (Marcel
	* Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan Maraas)
	* Fix some gconf values in the default layout (Vincent)


	* Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan Maraas)

  Clock Applet

	* When opening the "set time" window, also set the day on the calendar
	  so that the user doesn't accidently set a time in the past (Michael
	* Show groupwise and exchange appointments in the calendar (Chenthill
	* Load calendars asynchronously (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	* Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan Maraas)
	* Use the right color for tasks and appointments (Sjoerd Simons)
	* Fix leak and correctly handle ical memory (Vincent)

  Notification Area Applet

	* Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan Maraas)

  Show Desktop Applet

	* Use "user-desktop" icon name (Vincent)

  Wnck Applets

	* Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan Maraas)

  Docs Translators

	* Timo Jyrinki (fi)


	* Timo Jyrinki (fi)
	* Changwoo Ryu (ko)
	* Yannig Marchegay (Kokoyaya) (oc)
	* Piotr Zaryk ( (pl)
	* Daniel Nylander (sv)


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