Module: nautilus
  Uploaded by: Christian Neumair
  md5sum: 9e70a15347640dd78925bd4cc2e17a8f
 sha1sum: 427b1479a2d5c7f294c9acecba5781edb902820a
    size: 15M
  md5sum: c7daa0c01b7490975f693d24a28627cd
 sha1sum: 9050288741deda53116c0113c9a504361dc1a2dd
    size: 9.9M


Major changes in are:
* Fix crasher in spatial mode when closing window with ctrl-w
* Work around GTK+ tree view bug for sidebar eject button click area
* Some popup menu fixes
* Do not use C_() due to intltool bug

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