file-roller 2.23.4

       Module: file-roller
      Version: 2.23.4
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
  md5sum: 48e24e88d504092b997412279229cc9b
 sha1sum: 74edcc2f411af159b6773e9c1295194f76111a15
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: e831361a6e7ebbbb4d0754ec2466aa7a
 sha1sum: a11e9775a158fd89c3b6777757483ae337aeade2
    size: 1.4M


version 2.23.4

        New features and user visible changes:
	* Added support for reading and extracting alz archives (#521324).
	* Added support for rzip compressed files (#503000).
	* Added support for creating self-extracting zip archives.
	* Added ability to create multi-volume archives.
	* Added support for header encryption.  Implemented header encryption for
	  7zip and rar archives.
	* Use the 7z command to read/write zip, cbr, cbz archives, and to
	  read cabinet, arj, rar and iso archives.	
	* Try to get the mime type from magic numbers if all other methods 
	* Now the progress dialog is exact when adding, extracting or deleting
	  files for tar, zip, rar and 7zip archives (#153281).
	* Do not add the backup files, that is files ending with ~, to the 
	* Operations are now more efficient for archives with a long file 
	* Fixed bug #343201 â?? Use p7zip for RAR archives?
	* Fixed bug #529395 â?? file-roller will not open 256 AES zip files
	* Fixed bug #515194 â?? PK 4.5 Zip files
	* Fixed bug #519046 â?? add x-cbr and x-cbz support
	* Fixed bug #336790 â?? file-roller can't open winzip-10 encrypted files (AES)	
	* Fixed bug #539629 â?? Create archive for Trash/Computer
	* Fixed bug #506698 â?? 7z Filename (header) Encryption request
	* Fixed bug #542541 â?? icon lookup code is broken
	* Fixed bug #504584 â?? Incorrect comportment when extracting multi part 
	  rar files.
	Internal code:
	* Simplified the way to register commands.
	* Allow to compile with Gtk+ 2.12 as well. 

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