nautilus 2.23.5

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.23.5
  Uploaded by: Christian Neumair
  md5sum: 8fc874ed9cd06423470f210da7c9fa74
 sha1sum: 7b8776216da4c9f78634056d7a0f690c517cf7d5
    size: 15M
  md5sum: 8d76213546653b36d0a2a32d76c3b438
 sha1sum: 94cb1b6d8aa73d027615e60e867075a29725730d
    size: 9.9M


Major changes in 2.23.5 are:
* Add tab support to browser mode
* Add "restore from trash" functionality (only per item)
* Path bar and notebooks can be used as fully functional URI drop targets
* Places sidebar
  * Add eject buttons to volumes
  * Fix bookmark reordering
  * Make DND indication consistent with GTK+ file chooser
* Async I/O
  * Use NautilusFile instead of GFile for path bar display name
  * Use NautilusFile for DND "same FS" check
* Fix navigation where window was inconsistently "stuck" between two
  directories, i.e. the view was not completely changed.
* Fix huge leak - status bar messages were never popped from the stack
* Always grab focus on location change, even if view is reused
* Icon view fixes
  * If no icon is selected, but an icon has the keyboard focus, select it when
    pressing space.
  * Move keyboard focus after a file has been removed
  * Fix double-clicking of half-shown items
* Thumbnailing changes
  * Never scale up any thumbnails
  * Compose and scale thumbnails on the fly
  * Speed up loading of large image files used as their own thumbnails
* Display emblems for small icon sizes
* Offer clipboard contents as text/uri-list
* Use UTF-8 dash for properties window instead of "--"
* Misc
  * Allow to build without XMP
  * Require beagle 0.2.4
  * Require intltool 0.36.3.

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