gnome-games 2.23.5

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.23.5
  Uploaded by: Jason Clinton
  md5sum: 422693ef14a525436d9cec838b47e669
 sha1sum: f17643c35d323c73da501dad783514ce74f38c50
    size: 19M
  md5sum: 4ed0004cbe872801a3871e4d6591825d
 sha1sum: c31cb2fc6027d460908727eb0548ef87263e0f30
    size: 16M


gnome-games 2.23.5

This is the first release of Gnome Games that generates its ChangeLog from SVN
commit messages.

In this release cycle we have implemented a handful of new features and made
some fundamental fixes to our utilization of Python for GLChess and Sudoku.

 - Give users a helpful error message when python-support has missing modules.
   (Jason D. Clinton, Justin Dugger, Dani Nordli, Bug #524665)
 - Add fix for blank playing field from Ubuntu Launchpad (rhussey, Ubuntu
   Bug #239905)
 - Fix improper use of openGLErrors list (Jason D. Clinton, Gubianas, Bug
 - Disable network controls when disconnected (Robert Ancell, Bug #523818)
 - Handle empty combo boxes in the preferences dialog (Robert Ancell, Bug
 - Don't disable load button on load dialog as we cannot tell if the user has
   selected a valid file (Robert Ancell, Bug #540527)
 - Catch GLU exception making numbering texture and fall back to non-mipmapped
   version (Robert Ancell, Bug #542253)
 - Patch to support CAPSLOCK key in Gnibbles (Emil Andersson, Thomas H.P.
   Andersen, Bug #472355)
 - Allow CAPSLOCK with directional buttons (Emil Andersson, Bug #540755)
 - Allow CAPSLOCK with directional buttons (Emil Andersson, Bug #540740)

 - Allow user to flag a mine by holding the control key. (Emil Andersson.
   Bug #539725)
   * Handle double right-click correctly as a result of this fix (Thomas H.P.
 - Handle right click dragging. (Thomas H.P. Andersen, Bug #515497)
 - Add statusbar toggle to View menu. Makes the game more playable on small
   screens (e.g. eeepc) by allowing to enlarge the vertical space available.
   (Christian Persch)

Mario Blättermann, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle, Vladimir Melo, Kjartan Maraas,
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Philipp Kerling, Jorge Gonzalez, Yannig Marchegay

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