glib 2.16.5

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.16.5
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: 5cd71d7244e408de17effce55ab3b83c
 sha1sum: 1b587bee411c0c2ec9de844bd6777181f03e584c
    size: 6.3M
  md5sum: 039f02d47d4071322a3f00abf031e5d9
 sha1sum: 9f5921bd46ccdf4ad80084cf424b8516f2dddd19
    size: 4.4M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.16.4 to GLib 2.16.5

* Work around AC_C_BIGENDIAN breakage in autoconf 2.61

* Bugs fixed:
 528317 GRegex does not allow recursion limit
 540616 mem leak in filechooser button
 543040 async reading on dummy file will crash on GIO_USE_VFS=local
 543504 crash in Epiphany Web Browser: Opening local file

* Updated translations:
 Traditional Chinese (zh_HK)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)

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