gnome-lirc-properties 0.2.8

       Module: gnome-lirc-properties
      Version: 0.2.8
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: ab01c9767c3d3c0370f64ae683368f82
 sha1sum: 240068639dec59409f29b1b1ba881db557fcace8
    size: 408K
  md5sum: a6fdef6551913cd0553868e3210c6e9c
 sha1sum: 361cf990164f0019a131e4cc479cbece49d276f6
    size: 364K



* Require lirc 0.8.4.
  (Bastien Nocera)
* Adapt to the latest lirc, without our custom lirc include patch.
  (Bastien Nocera)
* Do not use the lirc --resume option (in our custom lirc patch), 
  because lirc now does the right thing automatically.
  (Bastien Nocera) Bug #536811.
* Do not do lsb version checks, because it's enough now to check for 
  a new enough lirc.
  (Bastien Nocera) Bug #532606.
* Correct the PolicyKit authorization checks.
  (And update your PolicyKit to 0.9 because it has many bug fixes.)
  (Bastien Nocera) Bug #540912.
* Allow lircd.conf to be missing.
  (Bastien Nocera) Bug #540898.
* Fix some crashes while finding configuration files.
  (Bastien Nocera)
* Avoid a crash when no receivers are plugged in.
  (Mathias Hasselmann) Bug #540900.
* Avodi showing full keyboards in the receiver list.
  (Mathias Hasselmann)
* Detect the Linux Input Device driver name during configure.
  (Mathias Hasselmann)
* Avoid an occasional crash during Key Listening.
  Ubuntu Bug:
  (Murray Cumming)
* Custom Configuration: Adapt to some extra irrecord behaviour, instead of 
  aborting, for instance with the XBox remote control.

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