anjuta 2.3.3

       Module: anjuta
      Version: 2.3.3
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: 3c5ffa7ca0d2504c0649bf6254dfc3f8
    size: 7.9M
  md5sum: a3be37b7873fc2165766460af7d24bd4
    size: 5.9M


Anjuta 2.3.3 (27 Jan 2008) -- Naba Kumar

New menu item to add extra source directories for debugger
Select the first window in the glade project when it is first opened. 

* Fix #507304 â?? crash in Anjuta IDE while removing done tasks
* Do not reopen file having escaped character (+,...) in path name
* Add forgotten Swedish entry to DOC_LINGUAS.
* Adds export-dynamic option to LDFLAGS to project template for libglade
  to work for autoconnect signals.
* Install anjuta-tags binary into FHS policy compliant directory and
  update references. (Fixes bug: 509346.)
* Do not use opacity in assist window in sourceview editor.
* Fix memory leaks
* Added printing support to GtkSourceView editor
* Fixed API docs
* Many string fixes
* Refresh the symbols for new file saved.
* Fixed bug #502322 - Highlight doesn't work on new file saved
* Removed unused gconf_notifications in task manager plugin.
* Fixed bug #509864 - No initial section selected when opening the Preferences dialog
* Fixed bug #509865 - Incorrect padding in the Documents settings tabs
* Fixed bug #509867 - Create button contents is mis-aligned
* Fixed bug #509869 - "Add Directory" button is not HIG complient
* Fixed bug #509875 - The "Update globale tags" button wording is incorrect
* Fixed bug #509873 - Build Autotools Preferences has excessive padding
* Fixed bug #509872 - General Information labels are incorrectly aligned
* Fixed bug #509871 - General preferences has incorrect use of colons
* Fixes bug #508805 - Add support for both file and folder preferences.
* Fixed bug #508399 - When you enable a plugin, preferences don't show up
* Fixed bug #507627 memory tab stay active on debugger stop Remove two unused
  variables due to the previous patch
* Fixes Bug #509510 - Check input of some dialogs to avoid termination
  if user gives bad or no input
* Resupport cut/copy/paste/clear on GtkEditables when those have focus.
* Fixed symlinks (#510238) and file permission (#405321) handling
  for scintilla editor.
* Remove reference to IAnjutaCpuDebugger (useless)
* Use gulong instead of guint for addresses
* Split IAnjutaCpuDebugger interface in IAnjutaDebuggerRegister,
  IAnjutaDebuggerMemory and IAnjutaDebuggerInstruction
* Use editor native funtions to avoid round trips.
* Enable logging of gdb communication with an environment variable
* Fix bug #488519, remove critical warning (completion_cache == NULL is valid)
* Fix #498734, typing error in c++ project template
* Fix a crash when scrolling in the diassembly window
* Start the terminal shell on plugin activation
* Fix #502508, use anjuta_launcher to keep program output
* Fix parsing with quotes in the command line. 
* Fixed #465084 â?? wizard instead of assistant (only string changes...).
* Update IAnjutaEditor and IAnjutaIndicable interfaces to take iterators
* Fix #511757 â?? Close icon in tabs cut off.
* Fix #511049: Change UI of add source directories dialog
* Fixed some of gtk+ critical warnings.
* Rename filename argument to uri when an uri is expected
  anjuta_docman_get_document_for_uri will remove symlinks 
* Probably fix #510028: crash debugger when having a relative filename
  in stack trace
* use gnome_vfs_get_uri_from_local_path to get local path from uri
  This takes care of escaping some characters
* Fix #512224: Use a string in english

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