gnome-themes 2.21.91

       Module: gnome-themes
      Version: 2.21.91
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
  md5sum: 7c2078a01ddbf1087dc6b18c5c868c48
    size: 1.9M
  md5sum: 8bd3226d404ed1d4922c69aa1632de9e
    size: 1.5M




    HCLP theme changes, Luca Ferretti  <elle uca libero it>:
	- start-here: Initial work to fix size and appearance...
	- copy audio-x-generic to applications-multimedia, waiting for a best icon
	- Die filesystems, die...
	- Move gnome-fs-regular to text-x-preview, according to icon-naming-utils.
	- s/media-harddisk/media-harddisk
	- Port existing devices icon to Naming Spec.
	- Move icons to new fd.o Naming Spec names.
	- Remove symlinks.dat, links and fallback icons are managed by
	icon-naming-utils and applications.
	- Move existing start-here icon to places
	- Move gnome-fs-client to network-server (suboptimal, but this completes the
	places icon set).
	- Add new status and places directories.
	- Move old named icons to places and status, using fd.o Naming Spec
          names. Also remove no longer needed links in symlinks.dat (let 
           icon-naming-utils create theme).
	- icon-themes/HighContrastLargePrintInverse/index.theme:
	- Add new directories and remove all sizes (16, 24, ..) not 
          included in this theme.  This should save cpu cycles in lookup.

2008-01-23  Andrea Cimitan  <andrea cimitan gmail com>
	Performance boost for ClearlooksClassic, Glossy, Inverted.
	Fix in Clearlooks and smooth effect on top corners

2008-01-22  Andrea Cimitan  <andrea cimitan gmail com>
	Glossy, Inverted: Fixed GtkProgressbars inside GtkMenu

New/updated translations:

2008-02-10  Petr Kovar  <pknbe volny cz>
	* cs.po: Updated Czech translation by Pavel Sefranek.

2008-02-03  Andre Klapper  <a9016009 gmx de>
	added Friulian translation on behalf of Massimo Furlani.
	Fixes bug #513142.

2008-01-31  Djihed Afifi <djihed gmail com> 
	* ar.po: Updated Arabic Translation by Khaled Hosny.

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