pygoocanvas 0.13.1

       Module: pygoocanvas
      Version: 0.13.1
  Uploaded by: Gian Mario Tagliaretti
  md5sum: 0a3bb1f6f9dd8490114089bbf97ed2c1
 sha1sum: d6edee047a511b9c9ddea60b852549f38c7b2297
    size: 396K
  md5sum: e70089ab34f4d8e6fb6aec9e73e01bef
 sha1sum: 4df0d824c671c2ae7b881b3609e7ac1a43c66aa8
    size: 328K


PyGooCanvas 0.13.1	(Dec 27 2008)

 o Fix a bug in docs #565710 (Felipe Reyes)
 o Some more code for the demo (Gian Mario, Gustavo)
 o Fix goocanvas.Grid and goocanvas.GridModel constructors (Gian Mario)

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