gstreamermm 0.9.8

       Module: gstreamermm
      Version: 0.9.8
  Uploaded by: José Alburquerque
  md5sum: 5788bf6c4180facf287384a622858ac6
 sha1sum: 46a4b1c79965d45a739b6a7f6c8efebbe72626bf
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: a25a59d6e68e303a741b95de0b3f99eb
 sha1sum: 2048ab37871580ca2b3b51cd62ad4f091545061d
    size: 712K


0.9.8 (unstable):

* Added Gst::Event::get_flags().
* Added default name overloads for Gst::Bin::create(), Gst::Pad::create() and
* Moved const tags to namespace Gst::Tag.
* Added a generic INSTALL file and updated the README to fix bug #556570.
* Removed gstreamermm dependency on gstreamerbasemm to fix bug #560601.  Added
  GstBase::init*() methods with docs that initialize both gstreamermm and
  gstreamerbasemm to compensate so that two init() calls (one for gstreamermm
  and another for gstreamerbasemm) are not needed.
* Added base classes AudioFilter, AudioSink, AudioSrc, BaseAudioSink,
  BaseAudioSrc and CddaBaseSrc in gstreamerbasemm from which many plug-ins
* Added the following core plug-ins: Gst::CapsFilter, Gst::FakeSink,
  Gst::FakeSrc, Gst::FdSink, Gst::FdSrc, Gst::FileSink, Gst::FileSrc,
  Gst::Identity, Gst::MultiQueue, Gst::Queue, Gst::Tee and Gst::TypeFind.
* Added the following base plug-ins: GstBase::Adder, GstBase::AlsaMixer,
  GstBase::AlsaSink, GstBase::AlsaSrc, GstBase::AudioConvert,
  GstBase::AudioResample, GstBase::TestSrc, GstBase::CdParanoiaSrc,
  GstBase::ClockOverlay, GstBase::DecodeBin, Gst::FfmpegColorSpace,
  GstBase::GioSink, GstBase::GioSrc, GstBase::GioStreamSink,
  GstBase::GioStreamSrc, GstBase::OggDemux, GstBase::OggMux, GstBase::PlayBin2,
  GstBase::TextOverlay, GstBase::TextRenderer, GstBase::TheoraDec,
  GstBase::TheoraEnc, GstBase::TimeOverlay, GstBase::VideoRate,
  GstBase::VideoScale, GstBase, VideoTestSrc, GstBase::Volume,
  GstBase::VorbisDec, GstBase::VorbisParse, GstBase::VorbisTag,
  GstBase::XImageSink and GstBase::XvImageSink.
* Modified examples to use the plug-ins where possible; added plug-in tests.

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