metacity 2.25.55

       Module: metacity
      Version: 2.25.55
  Uploaded by: Thomas James Alexander Thurman
  md5sum: 99e0a3631a2780f11f3348f1f6cfef77
 sha1sum: a2f61a43015e1d83ceff18c67ff1df1ad77bcfbe
    size: 3.2M
  md5sum: ab1f07d639351d6ed6386da9538b0ff4
 sha1sum: 30a5c90b54ee2da90c6adc191c703b063eccd083
    size: 2.1M



Thanks to Erwann Chenede for improvements in this version.

  - Fix build on Solaris (Erwann) (#564123)

  Mattias Põldaru (et), Luca Ferretti (it)

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