eog 2.25.3

       Module: eog
      Version: 2.25.3
  Uploaded by: Felix Riemann

  md5sum: e84ca2d307e7c77181654393eb084cc0
 sha1sum: 812a8db5344e105711608d291e2a1d5a52b1e067
    size: 3.0M

  md5sum: f0b80bc25aec29fe15c194ba63f8d072
 sha1sum: 8831b5200a9a7b447c60e6693b521e202f757adb
    size: 2.2M


Version 2.25.3

  * Build system improvements (Daniel Macks, Felix Riemann)
  * Code improvements / fixes (Claudio Saavedra, Friedrich Oslage, Tom Parker)
  * Fetch tooltip data asynchronously (Claudio Saavedra)
  * UI enhancements (Bob Mauchin, Robin Sonefors)

Bug fixes:

  #514352, HIG says "Page Setup" not "Page Setup..." (Bob Mauchin)
  #555480, Add a delete button (Robin Sonefors)
  #558442, eog should load image tooltips data asynchronously (Claudio Saavedra)
  #560070, Sub-optimal -I flag ordering (Daniel Macks)
  #560073, Poor linking against convenience libs (Daniel Macks, Felix Riemann)
  #563570, GNOME Goal: Clean up GLib and GTK+ includes (Claudio Saavedra)
  #564290, eog_image_load doesn't correctly clear errors on read issues
           (Tom Parker)
  #564526, eog SIGBUS on sparc (Friedrich Oslage)

New and updated translations:

- Jorge González [es]
- Mark Krapivner, Yair Hershkovitz [he]
- Daniel Nylander [sv]

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