cheese 2.25.3

       Module: cheese
      Version: 2.25.3
  Uploaded by: Daniel G. Siegel
  md5sum: 7491016ec7a1be192fac28e9685b85e5
 sha1sum: 8c62f5443510b6e328ad1289f809754b9ca2c0ab
    size: 3.1M
  md5sum: 89bcaa414ce0d891d31bda0504fcb082
 sha1sum: fec1715e7a68f98bd53774df0cdec6b9fd55efb4
    size: 3.0M


version 2.25.3
  - single includes fix, fixes bug #563537, courtesy of Pedro Fragoso
  - added/updated translations
    - pa, courtesy of Amanpreet Singh Alam

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