libxml++ 2.24.1

       Module: libxml++
      Version: 2.24.1
  Uploaded by: Armin Burgmeier
  md5sum: 3d13a7e18896e51581399c6449b6bdec
 sha1sum: 0012afd2dbd884fa752c8358750e28ba5e4fcc84
    size: 860K
  md5sum: 532ccd3520a84b7f6b04c6bfa8ae11fd
 sha1sum: b336f79553bba52e1abc9f804654ba29b5829198
    size: 596K



* Added new Schema and SchemaValidator classes to MSVC project files
  (Arjan Franzen, Arming Burgmeier) Bug #563664.
* Avoid a memory leak in Validator::check_for_exception.
  (Arjan Franzen, Murray Cumming) Bug #563321.
* Avoid a memory leak in schema class.
  (Balazs Tirpak, Murray Cumming) Bug #312216.

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