pitivi 0.11.3

       Module: pitivi
      Version: 0.11.3
  Uploaded by: Edward Hervey

  md5sum: 0c0027bf0a7ddbaecee50c496b941298
 sha1sum: a3e7791d0a37f82264fe18e917a6e5bc80f5b51c
    size: 536K

  md5sum: da0b68e5a1f55978164c370cb45c3d68
 sha1sum: 5206a73409e072ad1ddc9e22dc1228d377f9e9fc
    size: 428K


2008 Dec 11 - PiTiVi 0.11.3

 * Remove usage of gobject as much as possible from non-ui components
 * Make smarter choices about audio/video sinks 
 * Fix issues with seeking in ruler/viewer
 * general pylint cleanup
 * Picture support in the timeline
 * Improve viewer for proper Display Aspect Ratio
 * Timeline : Unlink-ing sources is now possible
 * Fix some issues when using very long sources
 * SourceList now detachable from main window
 * Now requires GNonLin 0.10.10 and python >= 2.5

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