gdm 2.20.9

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.20.9
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: 2bea550308f6d633347f19822d28403a
 sha1sum: 36782089d897df65bab1551b632333c5b96b47a7
    size: 6.1M
  md5sum: bdc7265f77b2e26e90d48ac512136e54
 sha1sum: b826a14f1f7bbb16d0f4c32c659eb499fefaf956
    size: 3.9M


2.20.9 Stuff:

- Fix processing of configuration variables in GDM's cleanup function so
  that configuration options aren't checked after they are freed.  (Brian

- Fix for underquoted strings in comparisons in the Init script.  (Pacho

- Update docs so that the PamStack configuration option is explained.
  (Brian Cameron)

- Correct processing of CONSOLE and PASSREQ /etc/default/login parameters
  so that they are checked each time a user logs in, and the most recent
  setting is used.  Thus, if the value is changed, GDM honors it immediately.
  (Brian Cameron)

- Trusted Solaris integration now supports multilabel session entires.
  (Stephen Browne)

- Fix so that the gdm_ensure_sanity function is non-functional on Solaris.
  This function sets file permissions on sockets which are inappropriate o
  Solaris.  (Brian Cameron)

- When using the Solaris ZFS filesystem, the ACL's are now properly set
  so that the "gdm" user has access to the sound device, so text-to-speech
  can work.  (Brian Cameron)

- Fix for Solaris fbconsole launching code so that fbconsole is killed when
  the user logs out.  (Brian Cameron)

- Use bourne-shell syntax in config/Xsession.solaris which is more portable.
  (Takao Fujiwara)

- Translation updates (Djihed Afifi, Pema Geyleg, Kenneth Nielsen, Mugurel
  Tudor, Changwoo Ryu)

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