vte 0.19.2

       Module: vte
      Version: 0.19.2
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod

  md5sum: 55de68eae67829de92cda403da721099
 sha1sum: f1c8db79bed4f077a0e069a564a5a7945402cb4b
    size: 1.3M

  md5sum: 3312d5faa3cda6d500049f71330766ce
 sha1sum: 67068a4ecf4c5e6e2f366c4fae274e35146111b7
    size: 1.1M


- Rewrote text selection.  Much less buggy now.  Specially block-mode.
- Fixed rendering bug caused by wrong tab handling introduced in 0.19.0.
- More deprecation.  VteReaper is deprecated and will be removed in 1.0.
- Minor optimizations in the pangocairo backend.  Only one FcFontSort now
  instead of the previous two.

	Red Hat Bug 474618 -  gnome-terminal sometime leaves empty begining
		of the line
	Bug 563274 â?? Misspelled word in src code
	Bug 563024 â?? In alternate-screen, selection can copy out of screen
	Bug 552096 â?? Detect tgetent if provided by libtinfo
	Bug 559818 â?? redundant selection-changed signal on deselection
	Bug 471480 â?? select single character
	Bug 110371 â?? Cannot select newline at end of full line
	Bug 112172 â?? Get rid of VteReaper
	Bug 560667 â?? invalid definition of VTE_INVALID_SOURCE
	Bug 541441 â?? Dehighlight links on visibility notify?


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