metacity 2.25.21

       Module: metacity
      Version: 2.25.21
  Uploaded by: Thomas James Alexander Thurman
  md5sum: 8d183983e25cde2cc27875b238465514
 sha1sum: 42daeedd615adcb3a2e35a729f7d3b88267776da
    size: 3.2M
  md5sum: 933699f7ce80b5269cc9880f338e328b
 sha1sum: 3443f2624ed84a0f65cff0a1cea54b3f7a6aaeed
    size: 2.2M



Thanks to Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version.

  - Fixes to allow building without compositor again (Thomas)
  - Fixes for -Wall problems (Thomas)
  - Various tool updates (Thomas)

Translations: none

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