glib 2.19.1

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.19.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: eab90f5965f3d004b8787989be5cca85
 sha1sum: 604505fcfddf2f24cf908153246aaa1171b64d7d
    size: 6.6M
  md5sum: 9309139a515408d9c99558d051c18302
 sha1sum: 187ec506a5c738e20873b3284dd011bf35ccd20a
    size: 4.7M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.19.0 to GLib 2.19.1

* GIO: 
  - g_icon_to_string, g_icon_new_for_string: GIcon serialization support
  - G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_PREVIEW_ICON: new file attribute for preview images
  - g_app_info_get_commandline: new function to get the full commandline
  - g_mount_shadow, g_mount_unshadow, g_mount_is_shadowed: New functions 
    to 'shadow' mounts (i.e. hide them from the UI when they already
    have a different representation, like a bookmark) 

* Bugs fixed:
 556186 gpoll.h breaks gmain.h inclusion
 557087 mem leak in g_content_types_get_registered
 556921 gpoll.h breaks hal compilation
 557210 g_compute_checksum_for_* asserts with less than 2 bytes
 558381 Add support for compile time assertions
 558185 'parent' variable in g_local_file_get_child_for_display_name()
        hits g_object_unref(NULL) assertion
 558513 g_warn_if_fail FIXME in gtestutils
 558672 NULL key lookup using g_hash_table_lookup_extended() 
 555740 gicon serialization
 557182 preview functionality
 528320 Incorrect icons displayed for files with custom mimetype icons
 556910 Memory leak: sub
 557592 Missing include in gwinhttpfile.c
 556415 Crash on Windows 2000 in g_winhttp_vfs_init()
 555935 Clarify the mechanism of overwriting properties
 552776 ac_cv_func_posix_getgrgid_r not mentioned
 559448 GObject Reference Manual (typo)
 561212 GFileReadMoreCallback API doc refers to non-existant function
 560569 gkeyfile doesn't use the set list_separator in some cases
 560568 gkeyfile docs buglet
 559413 g_option_group_set_error_hook docs buglet
 562378 callback return value not respected for callback option
        with no arg
 559110 Do not include libintl.h after glibintl.h
 557603 carbon check output misplaced
 562544 g_key_file_get_string and g_key_file_get_value
        documentation does not explain the difference
 547264 Missing "no flags" flag
 562638 GDebugKey key member should be const
 562639 g_parse_debug_flags() parsing "help"
 562549 g_byte_array_free should tell how free data
 559452 GObject Reference Manual (typo)
 559462 GObject Reference Manual (typo)
 559517 GObject Reference Manual (typo)
 562538 GObject interface tutorial shouldn't finalise with
        "Please forget everything"
 561352 Leak of icon description
 561375 Leaks mountpoint description
 561807 inotify_sub.c: dup_dirname() fails to remove trailing '/'
 562393 g_buffered_input_stream_read_byte broken if data available
 541715 win32 : patch for warnings and signature problems in recent code
 547481 g_data_input_stream_read_line behaves not as stated in the docs
 548163 Nautilus displays wrong error message for too long file names
 559633 gtk_image_new_from_gicon does not always work for .desktop files
 555486 â?? No way to recover command line from GAppInfo

* Translation updates:
 Spanish (es)
 Ukrainian (uk)

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