mousetweaks 2.25.2

       Module: mousetweaks
      Version: 2.25.2
  Uploaded by: Francesco Fumanti
  md5sum: 973d2d1c2b26034a1ba5383b88838a37
 sha1sum: f75fd3e371bdac3dae4b7bfc3329e7c8063c8e73
    size: 748K
  md5sum: 50b5263588a48a6b55ae1744313d6d16
 sha1sum: 1386f91b2c8c5fc0170f7fecd0e08ac272685235
    size: 668K


Version 2.25.2

Misc improvements/fixes:

	* Increase internal double click delay in dwell mode to
	  make it compatible to gftp.

Bug fixes:

	#562212: Fix conflict when dwell click and simulated secondary
	         click are simultaneously running. 

New and updated translations:

    - [cs] Adrian Guniš
    - [es] Jorge González 
	- [et] Ivar Smolin
	- [eu] Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio

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