cheese 2.25.2

       Module: cheese
      Version: 2.25.2
  Uploaded by: Daniel G. Siegel
  md5sum: fda4377306d24def4fb806b4b698c324
 sha1sum: 7928211b3807ee88cc773b8d08e1e1b2fccabee2
    size: 3.1M
  md5sum: 1be94313bd255a397029001838ab4ef9
 sha1sum: e230e4a35dab27020d92e21f58c064b5dc1a1f4b
    size: 3.0M


version 2.25.2

  - print vendor and product id while probing devices. provide some more device informations for easier bug triaging.
  - remove unnecesary include files, to meet GnomeGoal
  - don't use random access glist methods when accessing a list sequentially
    and properly free list elements after use, fixes bug #560514 and #560347, courtesy of Giuseppe Fuggiano
  - Use gtk_show_uri to open files and xdg-open i.s.o. gnome-open
  - Use gtk_message_dialog_format_secondary_markup correctly
  - print the cheese version if the -v flag is set
  - add support for cams which support only one resolution, fixes bug #560032, courtesy of Hans de Goede
  - added/updated translations
    - es, courtesy of Jorge González
    - ku, courtesy of Erdal Ronahi

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