conduit 0.3.14

       Module: conduit
      Version: 0.3.14
  Uploaded by: John Stowers
  md5sum: b81a7b346a13216d1bffbaf45ee64b9d
 sha1sum: 16484d620cc17108739a683c21def8ee5b0d5614
    size: 1.3M
  md5sum: 9ab9a5fdac99230a7747330264f60102
 sha1sum: b7350a7929ffc1e044929250fb1b8e3c42f22b2b
    size: 976K


NEW in 0.3.14:
* Merge improved iPod support by Alexandre Rosenfeld. This was implemented as
  part of GSOC08 and features
  * Improved audio/video transcoding using GStreamer
* Support Webkit web browser
* Support GIO

* Fixed #510279, Support iPod Music (Alexandre Rosenfeld)
* Fixed #526423, Use Gstreamer for Sound/Video conversion (Alexandre Rosenfeld)
* Fixed #545464, conduit can't be started up without bash (Christian Schlotter)
* Fixed #545824, Error Synchronizing in Picasa when the album doesn't exists (Manuel J. Garrido)
* Fixed #546478, Firefox directory is not found on Gentoo (Christian Schlotter)
* Fixed #547600, Banshee playlist icon (John Stowers)
* Fixed #547604, Don't draw treeview lines (John Stowers)
* Fixed #547615, No splashscreen needed (John Stowers)
* Fixed #547617, Fix Evolution dataprovider icons (John Stowers)
* Fixed #547618, About item in tray icon (John Stowers)
* Fixed #548404, Three typos: N800 photo module, File dataprovider and Dataprovider (Christian Schlotter)
* Fixed #548959, No module named MediaFile (Michael Monreal)
* Fixed #548960, Deal with missing pygst better (John Stowers)
* Fixed #548974, Window icon for preferences and config dialogs (John Stowers)
* Fixed #548989, PicasaTwoWay ignores configured picture resize (Antonio G)
* Fixed #549750, tries to sync from f-spot to evolution address book (John Stowers)
* Fixed #549751, tries to sync f-spot to tomboy (John Stowers)

* Updated fi: Timo Jyrinki
* Updated ar: Djihed Afifi <djihed gmail com>
* Updated pl: Tomasz Dominikowski
* Updated es: Jorge Gonzalez

Help Manual Translations:
* Updated fr: Claude Paroz
* Updated de: Christian Kirbach

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