libgsf 1.14.9

       Module: libgsf
      Version: 1.14.9
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: 372c6734d54f6fe3ee6c06b7bf913a64
 sha1sum: fbc8d6617ae9dd875f933fb03db85e939722d944
    size: 832K
  md5sum: 422a8461927b863780d3579991a915a5
 sha1sum: 45c5e4264309809b435fdaaed9b3ca3d3838c6fa
    size: 616K


libgsf 1.14.9

	* Revitalize gio support.

	* Add MS OOX support to gsf-vba-dump.
	* Extend the utility wrappers for GsfInfile.
	* Be more forgiving of corrupt ole2.
	* Add additional MS OpenPkg support to facilitate pivots.
	* gtk-doc improvements.
	* Make the VBA extractor more accessible.
	* Extensions for the xml parser to allow modularization.

	* Use g_base64_-routines from glib when available.
	* When gio is available, do not link in gnomevfs.
	* Add self-check for the benefit of __arm__.


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