nemiver 0.6.2

       Module: nemiver
      Version: 0.6.2
  Uploaded by: Dodji Seketeli
  md5sum: 3ebeedb09cece8180d9d6ca812f630bc
 sha1sum: 02475d8d145e1fa0d8c5abc66110a6e8abf1a59a
    size: 1.6M
  md5sum: 30e5710b0ab2907e0095ab16ee202a27
 sha1sum: fc5ef243b08ad07e1d26ea938b204440201795ee
    size: 1.4M


0.6.2 Release

Bug fixes

    [Dodji Seketeli]

    * #548121 - String search not available when program is not running
    * #548118 - Select new node on dereferencing
    * #523377 - first-run prints sql-related errors to console
    * #545842 - Missing shortcut to set a breakpoint in current file
    * #547169 - Set breakpoint to selected function name by default

    [Jonathon Jongsma]

    * fix boost unit test static library detection

    [Stéphane Wirtel]

    * fix a configure help string

    [Robert-André Mauchin]

    * Update website references to point to the new location


    * [ar] Djihed Afifi
    * [fr] Robert-André Mauchin
    * [fi] Ilkka Tuohela

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