hamster-applet 2.23.91

       Module: hamster-applet
      Version: 2.23.91
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz

  md5sum: 553e7722aa19acbd8794f9d7857c62ee
 sha1sum: 693202ab65d7d37218eabef7502d97b33cf53620
    size: 504K

  md5sum: 1ba23e31973403d03f9c9063b2b14a7b
 sha1sum: cc32226305ebfc9a1cdb0bed0c2444fd23f396ff
    size: 392K


Version 2.23.91
	* When adding earlier activity in current day, set default end time to now
	* In overview start week with monday/sunday depending on locale (bug 548102)
    * Respect theme colors for graph labels
      (bug 548840) patch by CJ van den Berg
    * Fixed fail on exit when there is no last activity

    * ar (Anas Afif Emad)
    * ca (Gil Forcada)
	* de (Matthias Mailänder)
	* es (Juanje Ojeda Croissier)
	* et (Ivar Smolin)
    * fi (Timo Jyrinki)
	* fr (Claude Paroz)
	* gl (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
    * gu (Sweta Kothari)
	* he (Yair Hershkovitz)
	* it (Stefano Pedretti)
	* lv (Toms Baugis)
    * mk (Jovan Naumovski)
    * mr (Sandeep Shedmake)
	* nb (Kjartan Maraas)
	* nl (Wouter Bolsterlee)
    * pl (Tomasz Dominikowski)
	* pt (Duarte Loreto)
    * pt_BR (Vladimir Melo)
	* ru (Sasha Shveik)
	* sv (Daniel Nylander)
    * zh_HK (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
    * zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)


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