pango 1.21.5

       Module: pango
      Version: 1.21.5
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod
  md5sum: fa42fa4e061260bdc39c034e0d0c89c3
 sha1sum: 3c890ecb0932be524e4c361db10a16a6be6fd975
    size: 2.1M
  md5sum: 9ceac82a22f0d18d54e444efb184fab3
 sha1sum: 21588186ec3883e3f4a8a801b101500287dcfe90
    size: 1.4M


Overview of changes between 1.21.4 and 1.21.5
- Make the reference the font->fontmap reference weak.  Previously all
  fontmaps had circular references to their fonts and back, making them
  leak instead of being freed upon finalization.  Now they all clean after
  themselves.  There's a slight semantic change though, that a PangoFont does
  not keep its fontmap alive anymore, so that's up to the user.  But then
  again, finalizing fontmaps is not a good idea to begin with.

- Improve pango_language_get_sample_string() to add language sample texts that
  are actually usable.  Compiled from a variety of sources.
  See pango-language-sample-table.h.

- In pango_language_get_sample_string() use default language if provided
  language is NULL.

- Update OpenType language-system tags to OpenType 1.5 draft intersected with
  ISO639-3 of 2008/08/04.

- New API additions:
	Add a minor new public API:

	This is what pango_language_includes_script() has been using
	internally.  Previously one had to call that function over all
	possible script values to determine which scripts a language
	uses.  The new API makes that much easier.

- Bugs fixed in this release:
	Bug 549003 â?? pango_layout_set_height(): layout should not be cleared
		     unless required
	Bug 143542 â?? PangoFT2Fontmap leak
	Bug 314094 â?? Get rid of poutpourri default sample string
	Bug 473806 â?? Improve pango_language_get_sample_string()
	Bug 473805 â?? Add API enumerating scripts for a language
	Bug 470895 â?? Improve OpenType language tag list
	Bug 547432 â?? Deprecation of pango_(backend)_font_map_create_context()
		     not clean

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