yelp 2.23.2

       Module: yelp
      Version: 2.23.2
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: 92795cd2b7151753482e89bcdb27a6d1
 sha1sum: af4f44ae8e8cd44fc2df70cfd545f2bea37b2c0d
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: 13243b82d4859a395e782442b0ed07ce
 sha1sum: a53ac6b037a6a797bfcd2c26ab7cb5fcdc1ddca4
    size: 996K


Changed in 2.23.2:
* Fix string vulnerability [#546364] - Christian Persch
* Use "help-browser" icon instead of deprecated "gnome-help" - Luca Ferretti
* Updated translations:
  ar    (Djihed Afifi)
  de    (Jochen Skulj)
  gu    (Ankit Patel)
  he    (Yair Hershkovitz)
  ks    (Rakesh Pandit)
  oc    (Yannig Marchegay)
  or    (Manoj Kumar Giri)
  pt_BR (John Wendell)
  sq    (Laurent Dhima)

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