libIDL 0.8.11

       Module: libIDL
      Version: 0.8.11
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas
  md5sum: 164683d3424a1690ac454e8a9a9c2cd5
 sha1sum: 219ba3af3a6c16cd46339f3129b25e488d7360f9
    size: 500K
  md5sum: 9d0d4895fc23f7de9514fb13f0fdc9ba
 sha1sum: 6e0c5ef5716a96bcad5193853b7c3bf417c680e6
    size: 404K


=========================== 0.8.11 ========================

2008-06-02  Tor Lillqvist  <tml novell com>

	Bug 536165 - Make libIDL correctly parse cl's pre-processor output

	* lexer.l: Further change needed when using MSVC's cl.exe as the
	preprocessor. Patch by Marcelo Vanzin.

2008-05-19  Tor Lillqvist  <tml novell com>

	Bug 522697 - Patch: make libIDL work with Microsoft's compilers

	Patch by Marcelo Vanzin, applied with modifications.

	* Define Automake confitional OS_WIN32.

	* Use --export-symbols libIDL.def on Windows.

	* Significant changes. Build a DLL with the same
	name as libtool does. Use pkg-config.

	* util.c: Make it work also in the !HAVE_CPP_STDIN && !HAVE_SYMLINK case.

	* util.h: Make __IDL_tmp_filename const.

	* include/libIDL/ Rework the dllimport logic. Use
	LIBIDL_VAR to decorate imported variables, similar to
	GLIB_VAR. Unlike Marcelo's patch, I decided not to decorate
	functions. Maybe later I can be convinced it would be a good idea,
	but for now just use the .def file to export them and let them be
	imported automatically.

	* README.win32
	* libIDL.def: Update.

2008-03-18  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* Update glib version req. Bug #517088, patch by
	Mart Raudsepp.

======================= libIDL 0.8.10 =======================

2008-01-29  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* Fix autogen with automake 1.10.
	* NEWS:
	* Update for 0.8.10.

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