anjuta 2.5.90

       Module: anjuta
      Version: 2.5.90
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: 253e7f27591fcb5e95a0d866f81663aa
 sha1sum: 01e3c19851506aa5ee135c90f57a9891b580a966
    size: 8.6M
  md5sum: eae73075cc0dc98d3b22070380485eea
 sha1sum: dd0448419681669bfd9cb4ab1007e37ee2c86096
    size: 6.3M


Anjuta 2.5.90 (18 August 2008)
Translations updates:
ar, be latin, de, es, fi, gl, he, mk, oc, pt, ru, th, vi

Updates and bugfixes:
* Fix #536372: Write __MAX_BAUX instead of __MAX_BAUD
* Fix a crash when GNOME Terminal is not installed
* now search for symbols can be done also in global tags. Added a new parameter
	to search function and adjusted dependencies on different plugins.
* Put tables.sql into distribution
* Fix #536889 anjuta doesn't pass "make check"
* Fixed #537398 â?? crash in Anjuta IDE: Closed project
* Fix #537134: critical warnings tools->plugin_deactivate
* Fix #534523: anjuta parses filenames from make wrong
  GMatchInfo need to be freed even when regex fail in build_get_summary
* Fixed a possible bug where the project-manager plugin is deactivated twice.
* Fix #536375: libsocket not included cause build fail on Solaris
* Add new scratchbox 1 plugin implementing IAnjutaEnvironment
* Enabled tooltips for recent files to identify full paths.
* Ported file-manager to gio
* Fix #530215 â?? Have a message area like gedit
* Using glib/gi18n.h instead of libgnome/gnome-i18n.h
* Fixed a crash on file selection. Gave enough buffer for the formated
  time print.
* Restore text focus on switching editor with ALT+X and
  navigating from local-symbols view.
* Fixed #528699 â?? Auto-indent ignores spaces-per-indent settings
* Fix #538798: UI selected tab document differs from real one
* Fix again #538798: UI selected tab document differs from real one
* Fix #538921 â?? Duplicated folders
* Fix #539726 â?? Completing port to GIO
* Fix #513156 â?? Get rid of libgnome(ui)
* Fix #538443 â?? Missing files in
* Fix #538906 â?? Enable state "Max actions" when "No limit" toggled
* Fix #449620 â?? Implement autocompletion for gtksourceview editor
* Fix #540731 - Port editor to gio
* Fixed loading of files from the command line
* Fixed crash when double-clicking on a breakpoint.
* Change (nearly) all interfaces to use GFile* instead of uris
  Document all shell variables
* Fixed #541313 â?? Crash on saving file
* Fix #515954 â?? wrong anjuta-tags path
* Fixed global tags loading
* Fix bug #538217: Run in terminal option isn't remembered
* Fix bug: Debugger sources directories isn't remembered neither
* Fixed "Hide binary files"
* Fix #539551 â?? AutoComplete doesn't work
* Fix #539551 â?? AutoComplete doesn't work
* Fix #357697 â?? readonly file can be edited
* Fix #511762 â?? Multiple selection don't work well when hitting enter
* Fix #535173 â?? UI isn't updated on closing all documents
* Fix #500962 â?? Further icons
* Fix #475244 â?? AC_SUBST() not needed after PKG_CHECK_MODULES()
* Fix #518594 â?? Get rid of .anjuta and follow fd.o specifications
* Fixed #541689 â?? Filter buttons added
* Fixed symbol-db plugin for threaded libgda calls
* Show all completions even when the editor makes own suggestions
* #541941 â?? Crash on searching with regular expression
* Fixed #542838 â?? is creating tags in root directory
* Added 'continue global tags scan after abort' feature.
* Allow to build project outside source directory (fix #540782)
* Fix crash on closing project due to the previous patch
* Add more options for build command: parallel make, keep going on error
  and keep message untranslated
* Fix another crash on closing project with a file outside project
* Fix #375640: Allow user to stop a build in progress
* Fix #534566: expand shell variable in configure parameters
* Fix #543889: Crash typing in configuration field
* Fix #522825: Opening files from shell disable build->compile menu
* Fix configuration name not displayed, error when compiling target
  outside project
* Fix #543978: GPL license shown in COPYING file irrespective of
  which license selected
* Fix #544190: Crash double click on item in stack trace
* Fix #530630: Scintilla hand up after hit return
* Fix #544841 â?? Cursor set on a wrong line when I click
* Fix several memory leaks in build plugin
* Keep all command data in one object
* Fix #544495: Memory leak
* Avoid using the same function name in interfaces implemented
  by the same object to avoid trouble with bindings
* Fix crash on 64bits machine due to the previous change (thanks Ignacio)
* Fix #543149 Project doesn't rebuild when file is changed
* Bug #529270 - GSoc: Git Plugin, alpha release 3.
* Add header file to expose libanjuta versioning information.
* Add a preference for the new visible whitespace feature of gtksourceview
* Pull GIO into the libraries that libanjuta links against. (Bug #546394)
* Fix #542432 â?? Svn diff doesn't work correctly
  Convert the output of svn diff from localce to utf-8
* Fix #545673 â?? A bug in isymbol_get_file function
  Use g_file_new_for_uri() instead of g_file_new_for_path
* Fix #546620 â?? Build- and make dist fixes (with some small changes)
* Fix #420279 â?? INS and OVR do not immediately change in status bar
* Save files in their original encoding
* Use a fallback dialog if the document was not added to the document-manager
  yet (#545557 â?? Crash pressing on message view)
* Fix #493818 Close project with opened target properties dialog opened
  crash Anjuta
* 545624 â?? Toolbar broken
* Lots of improvements to symbol-db
* Use uf8_strlen instead of strlen to avoid selection problem with
  non-ASCII search strings (see #440637 comment 15)
* New git plugin (Anjuta GSoC project)

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