gtk-engines 2.15.3

       Module: gtk-engines
      Version: 2.15.3
  Uploaded by: Benjamin Berg
  md5sum: 429e544e49ad90216b148b9afc434bc6
 sha1sum: a239303afab4949a101be83fe9b86889951347ab
    size: 836K
  md5sum: 3d5746d42c2cef7bef0650784f28dbb3
 sha1sum: 8e549cedc8edf7058067629f67d23d1bcf0d1bf2
    size: 600K


Overview of Changes in 2.15.3 (since 2.15.2)

Changes in this release:
 - A problem in the glide engine where the drawing of some widgets could
   suddenly disappear forever was fixed.

GNOME Bugs fixed in this release:
 546839 â?? Add special case for transparent entries (for gecko and others)
 547024 â?? size of radio button hardcoded

New and udpated translations:
 Djihed Afifi (ar)
 Sweta Kothari (gu)

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