gnome-icon-theme 2.23.90

       Module: gnome-icon-theme
      Version: 2.23.90
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes
  md5sum: fae9dc5078e5d229b3d53b5454870bdc
 sha1sum: 107974e1acabbacaed5cafc4f942e3ebc6abc479
    size: 4.1M
  md5sum: 1255f5d7c978ac26fe30a82a795f9cfa
 sha1sum: 1f095f201b2a3733d8759bc6e6b52dcf8e75764e
    size: 3.4M


2008-08-18  Rodney Dawes  <dobey pwns gmail com>

	Up version to 2.23.90 for release

2008-08-14  Wouter Bolsterlee  <wbolster svn gnome org>

	* scalable/places/ Fixed typo that broke the
	build: user-bookmark should be user-bookmarks.

2008-08-13  Andreas Nilsson  <andreas imendio com>

	* {16x16,22x22,24x24,32x32,scalable}/places/user-bookmarks.png:
	added user-bookmarks icon based on bookmark-new

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