gnome-keyring 2.23.90

       Module: gnome-keyring
      Version: 2.23.90
  Uploaded by: Stefan Walter
  md5sum: a9e8fd758bf9239e0e15825f653dd852
 sha1sum: 2d33e264b59a4b916a8d41f72404ce8c5033112e
    size: 1.4M
  md5sum: 592bf44e1e554a28c61276515d6f8c4b
 sha1sum: 3d8fd17b17c03574efe91756d5801f4d92e4b6c2
    size: 988K


Changes in version 2.23.90 are:
* Use 'Create' button instead of 'OK' when prompting the user for 
  a password to create a new keyring. [Adam Schreiber]
* Fix more cases where 'Deny' choice by a user resulted in 
  more subsequent prompts.
* Automatically create non-existant directories when storing files.
* Fix problem prompting for the same password twice when parsing a 
  PFX or PKCS#12 file.
* Don't offer to store password during import operation.
* Don't try to store certificates encrypted on the disk.
* Add command line tool for importing of keys and certificates.
* Fix problems with SSH agent not unlocking keys properly.
* Build fixes. [John Ralls]

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