tomboy 0.11.2

       Module: tomboy
      Version: 0.11.2
  Uploaded by: Sanford Armstrong
  md5sum: 6a52532218ff11e3ea587b9276c6000f
 sha1sum: 14ffc0e5aad07c0905a4f0dea129215850256d17
    size: 4.3M
  md5sum: dbf72e8a929f8f0a776475f54d173759
 sha1sum: 8dfc27472478c715eb336c546bdc86e9b90643d8
    size: 3.6M


Version 0.11.2
* Fix to build with gtk-sharp 2.10 (#547900).
* Partial fix for spell-checking/fixed-width issues (#530856, Stefan Schweizer).
* Fixes to HTML Export add-in linking (#546623, Stefan Schweizer).
* Fix makefiles to support parallel building (#547506).
* Various crasher fixes.
* Translation updates: ar, et, fi, gu, nb, pt, pt_BR, sv, th

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